This new group is an opportunity for the dads of Pediatric Alternatives to get to know each other and discuss, in a confidential setting, issues of family life that sometimes confound us in our busy and challenging world. 
Come to share your experiences and hear from others on such topics as:

      Personal choices regarding career
      Intimacy with your partner
      Finding time for yourself
      Conflict resolution with your partner
      Challenging issues with your children
      Sharing dreams and goals with other men at this stage of life.

Dr. Mark Schillinger, is a chiropractic physician and an expert in personal growth and family dynamics.
In addition to treating patients, he serves as a parent coach and mentor to adult men and young men. He is the founder of the non-profit, The Young Men's Ultimate Weekend, a non-religious, wilderness rite of passage initiation that allows teenagers to face their fears and acquire the leadership skills necessary for a responsible adulthood.
Mark is also the founder of Challenging Teenage Sons, an organization that shows parents how to more effectively guide their son to greater happiness and independence by skillfully applying their authority and influence. He's also a co-founder of a men's team, whose purpose is to help men master their pursuits of personal fulfillment, family unity and professional success.
His greatest enjoyment is spending time with his family, including his two adult children, Gabe (33) and Becca (36).

Check out Dr. Schillinger at, and

Mom's Night Out Group

w/ Rochelle and Fay

October 11th

November 16th

December 12th

“We acknowledge Frances Hodgson Burnett, whose book “The Secret Garden” has inspired and comforted children for more than a century and continues to remind us of the healing to be found in nature."-
Dr. Stacia Lansman

Please RSVP by calling Pediatric Alternatives (415)380-8448 or directly to the host by clicking on their email

Please join us for a lovely evening! Our Girls Night Out groups are a time for you to gather with other mothers in a relaxed, supportive space. Conversation topics will include:

How to feel better in the midst of family stress
New perspectives about relationship and communication challenges
Specific guidance on personal dilemmas

Isolation constricts our lives. This is a chance to come together with other mothers to support yourself and each other.
You will find the group profound and FUN!  

"This is such an honest, good-hearted, strong group of women that I thoroughly enjoy.  Fay and Rochelle - you offer warm, gentle support as well as ball-buster, sometimes hard to hear truths about our guys and our egos and what it means to love someone. You've all taught me big and small life lessons."  -Carol Adelman 

A little about the hosts:
Our facilitators, Rochelle Newman & Fay Freed have been convening circles for women at Pediatric Alternatives for years.  Please come and see what a great night we have in store for you!

Lectures and groups are free to Secret Garden members and will meet at the Pediatric Alternatives Lobby unless otherwise noted


Dad's Night Out Group

w/ Dr. Mark Schillinger DC

Next Group:

October 26th

November 20th

December  18th