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What is an Attachment Village?

An Attachment Village is a facilitated group where parents have an opportunity to learn about attachment methodology, get practical advise on how to apply a developmental approach at home, and work together to develop a parent support group. The meetings are part educative and part practical with lots of time for group discussion and problem solving.
Attachment Village Topics
1. Parenting in Today's World: challenges of the modern parent, the role of attachment in child development, and developmental stages of attachment.
2. The Crucial Connection: strategies for healthy parent-child relationships and pro-active versus reactive parenting styles.
3. The Willful Child: why children say "no", the purpose of resistance, and how to transform it.
4. Aggression: the ins and outs of aggressive behavior, the role of frustration, and how to move children toward resilience.
5. Setting Limits with Love and Reason: a practical look at attachment safe and developmentally friendly discipline strategies.
6. Keeping the Balance: an examination, of daily schedules, physical home environments, and media and technology.

A little about the hosts:

Attachment Village meetings are facilitated by Katie Vasicek of Vista Parenting. Katie is a Parent Coach, Education Consultant, and the Director of Vista Parenting in Marin. Her qualifications include a B.A. in Child Development, a M.A. in Education, as well as many years of experience working with children, parents, teachers and school administrators.  


Learn key research-based communication strategies to help you:

*Increase communication and intimacy
*Resolve conflicts
*Shift the dynamics and patterns that create distance or distress

By just practicing a few of these key strategies regularly you’ll see positive changes occur.

By nature, Lisa is an incredibly warm, wise and understanding person. What’s more, she’s a gifted therapist and her ability to simultaneously see problems from multiple angles with grace and insight is comforting, empowering and elevating. Her professional experience is polished– she is one of the best — and her ability to encourage and support people to do their hard work is illuminating.
Elise R., Mill Valley, CA

A little about the hosts:

Lisa Nave is a psychotherapist with a private practice in Mill Valley, California. With over 15 years of experience, Lisa’s areas of expertise include depression, anxiety, trauma, life transitions, parenting, and relationship issues.

Lisa has taught a variety of psychology courses, including Theories of Counseling, Personality Theories, Interpersonal Communication, Humanistic Psychology, Human Sexuality, Emotional Intelligence in Leadership, and Theories of Motivation and Success. Lisa has worked in a number of settings beyond private practice, including nonprofit therapy clinics, child and sexual
abuse treatment centers, day treatment programs, and schools across the Bay Area. In addition, she has been an Assistant Principal for a school for SED children, a counselor for Stanford University, and has taught at Golden Gate University, among other colleges. 


This new group is an opportunity for the dads of Pediatric Alternatives to get to know each other and discuss, in a confidential setting, issues of family life that sometimes confound us in our busy and challenging world. 
Come to share your experiences and hear from others on such topics as:

      Personal choices regarding career
      Intimacy with your partner
      Finding time for yourself
      Conflict resolution with your partner
      Challenging issues with your children
      Sharing dreams and goals with other men at this stage of life.

Dr. Mark Schillinger, is a chiropractic physician and an expert in personal growth and family dynamics.
In addition to treating patients, he serves as a parent coach and mentor to adult men and young men. He is the founder of the non-profit, The Young Men's Ultimate Weekend, a non-religious, wilderness rite of passage initiation that allows teenagers to face their fears and acquire the leadership skills necessary for a responsible adulthood.
Mark is also the founder of Challenging Teenage Sons, an organization that shows parents how to more effectively guide their son to greater happiness and independence by skillfully applying their authority and influence. He's also a co-founder of a men's team, whose purpose is to help men master their pursuits of personal fulfillment, family unity and professional success.
His greatest enjoyment is spending time with his family, including his two adult children, Gabe (33) and Becca (36).

Check out Dr. Schillinger at, and

Mom's Night Out Group

w/ Rochelle and Fay

January 20th

February 15th

March 14th

April 20th



Are you looking to catapult yourself to a healthier and more conscious lifestyle? A 21 day group cleanse may just be what you're looking for!

Our bodies are designed to naturally detoxify itself. However, with the fast pace of our lives, poor food choices and increasing environmental toxins, our detox pathways can become sluggish or even blocked. We feel tired without knowing why.

A cleansing program is the first step in eliminating toxins, relieving the stress and supporting our natural detoxification. Participants will be guided by Nutritional Therapist  Joey Anderson, attend five weekly informational/ support meetings, and have access to group email support. Inspire yourself this Spring with valuable information about your body, learn skills to maintain a healthier you and have fun at the same time.

A little about the host:

Joey Anderson, NTP, CGP is a Nutritional Therapist, Certified GAPS Practitioner and mom. She believes in a whole foods, properly prepared diet  that tastes delicious. She works with individuals, families, groups and children to help, inspire and empower them to take better care of themselves with the use of food as medicine.

21 Day Group Cleanse

w/ Joey Anderson

To be announced

We invite you to join us in an educational class that befits you and your loved ones. We understand our needs change as we change, henceforth we are here to serve you and yours wherever you are in this dance called life!

A bit about your host:
Samantha is the founder of Earthdancer Wellness. She is a Holistic Health Practitioner with a background as a Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Herbal Consultant & Teacher, an Infant Massage Instructor for Parents and Caregivers, a Certified ATMAT ( The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapyâ) Practitioner & previously a Self Care Instructor, a Certified Hospice Volunteer, creator of Mama Earthâ Parenting Classes, Certified in Pregnancy Massage, and as a Doula and Midwife Assistant.
She has worked in the alternative health field since 1991. When working with Samantha, you receive the benefit of her experience and training in massage therapy, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, holistic lifestyle counseling, Reiki, Polarity, Cranial Sacral, Reflexology, hospice patient care, The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapyâ, Spiritual Healing, Motherhood and homebirth.

Samantha's Website:

Homeopathy Classes w/ Alexis White,CCH

When you are parenting a pre-teen, and coping with problematic or potential problematic behavior it can be stressful. Sometimes when you’re in the thick of it with your pre-teen you can feel isolated, worried or frustrated. Ease your stress & get out of the "grip" of worries, disappointments & upsets by joining our parents of pre-teen's support group this fall.

"An amazing resource to us for getting guidance and feedback during these rocky pre-teen years. To be able to discuss sensitive and emotionally complex issues in a confidential, supportive environment has been invaluable. It's also great to help my husband and I be in agreement about how to handle situations with the kids. We always come away feeling positive and confident about our parenting. "
-Mother, San Rafael

A bit about your host:Jill is a co-founder of She has been doing postgraduate training in family counseling for the last three years working with families directly and she is certified to lead the Quality Parenting Program. She is a graduate of Interchange Counseling Institute’s year-long counselor training program and their advanced program. Jill has a background in therapeutic modalities including the Enneagram Personality Profile, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and somatic-oriented counseling. She has also studied P. E. T. Parent Effectiveness Training.

Parent of Preteens Support Group
w/Jill Valenti

“We acknowledge Frances Hodgson Burnett, whose book “The Secret Garden” has inspired and comforted children for more than a century and continues to remind us of the healing to be found in nature."-
Dr. Stacia Lansman

Lectures and groups are free to Secret Garden members and will meet at the Pediatric Alternatives Lobby unless otherwise noted
Please RSVP by calling Pediatric Alternatives (415)380-8448 or directly to the host by clicking on their email


Pediatric  Alternatives

Dad's Night Out Group

w/ Dr. Mark Schillinger DC

Next Group:

January 20th
February 20th
March 20th
April 17th
May 22nd
June 19th

Attachment Village

W/ Katie Vaciek

Key Strategies for Increasing Communication and Connection

w/ Lisa Nave

Your Mommy Body

w/Alicia Willoughby

This is a two-hour postpartum education workshop that includes both lecture and exercise instruction. The lecture material outlines the physical changes that occurs during and after pregnancy, which core muscles are important to target, key injury prevention tips, and return-to-exercise guidance. The exercise portion of the workshop includes abdominal separation screening and instruction of foundation retraining exercises for the pelvic floor and abdominals.
This workshop is appropriate for pregnant and postpartum women as well as fitness and birth professionals.

A little about the hosts:
Alicia Willoughby is a physical therapist in Marin who specializes in working with moms.  "My passion of working with mothers comes not only from my personal experiences but also from working with so many women who have come to me over the years with various orthopedic discomforts and injuries which very likely could have been prevented if they had received postpartum rehabilitation early in their motherhood journey. I want to improve postpartum care - one mommy at a time!"                               

Please join us for a lovely evening! Our Girls Night Out groups are a time for you to gather with other mothers in a relaxed, supportive space. Conversation topics will include:

How to feel better in the midst of family stress
New perspectives about relationship and communication challenges
Specific guidance on personal dilemmas

Isolation constricts our lives. This is a chance to come together with other mothers to support yourself and each other.
You will find the group profound and FUN!  

"This is such an honest, good-hearted, strong group of women that I thoroughly enjoy.  Fay and Rochelle - you offer warm, gentle support as well as ball-buster, sometimes hard to hear truths about our guys and our egos and what it means to love someone. You've all taught me big and small life lessons."  -Carol Adelman 

A little about the hosts:
Our facilitators, Rochelle Newman & Fay Freed have been convening circles for women at Pediatric Alternatives for years.  Please come and see what a great night we have in store for you!

Mama Earth Classes w/ Samantha Corsiglia
Taking place every month at our office!
No schedule during winter

Detailed understanding of homeopathic philosophy
What situations are good for homeopathic treatment
Chronic disease vs. acute disease; when should I call a professional for help?
Remedies; how they are made and what are they made from
Dosing and Potency; how much to take and how often
How to take the case; the key to finding the remedy
Feeling confident using homeopathy at home with your family
Remedies for first aid and acute injury

A bit about your host:
Alexis White is a certified classical homeopath with a private pediatric and family practice in San Anselmo, California. She delights in treating children and adults alike, and making a difference in people's lives.
She is a graduate of the Berkeley Institute of Homeopathy, with additional years of training at Pacific Academy of Homeopathy and the Luminos School of Homeopathy. In 2012, Alexis completed an advanced practitioner training program with world-renowned teacher and homeopath Rajan Sankaran at The Other Song Academy in Mumbai, India.
In addition to 2 years of practical clinical training, Alexis completed a 16-month internship with Ifeoma Ikenze, MD, a medical doctor with a family practice in Marin County.
Alexis also holds a Masters of Fine Arts from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA and a BFA in Photography from the School of Visual Arts, NYC.

Alexis' family is the center of her life, and her two boys are a great source of inspiration, perspiration and homeopathic experimentation and research.